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Security Service

Manned Security

Safety and Security Guard Services In Noida form the hallmark of good living standards. Living in the laps of luxury with constant fear of loss to property and life will not be preferred by anyone.

Security guard services in Noida delivered by a well-trained work force ensures safe living in any neighbourhood or household. Appointed after due reference through known sources and fool-proof verification the guards are made to undergo a tough training program. For additional safety their fingerprints are also recorded which will deter them from turning against the employer.

On completion of training the appropriately equipped and smartly uniformed guards are ready for their assignment as security guards, Security Guard Services In Gurgaon armed guards or as bodyguards, bouncers or cash escorts. They can also be assigned to provide security at special event venues.Depending on assignment the guards undertaking security guard services in Gurgaon and other places may be equipped with guns or other protective gear.

Maintenance Services

Other services provided include maintenance services which encompass repair of machinery and other equipment besides providing maintenance services. The services delivered by experienced professionals include annual maintenance contracts and short term service contracts. The trained personnel are capable of installing and maintaining central air conditioners, rain harvesting systems, canteens, gardens, green houses and so on. The team of service providers includes electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mesons, painters and mechanics.

Detective & Investigation

Well trained and experienced detectives form the team of investigators who can be assigned to track and trace people including family and employees, possessions and also brands. The detectives help with pre and post matrimonial investigation, employee verification covering their associates and relations besides doing brand survey for companies. Investigators can also do Internet research to keep track ofonline activity of children and other suspects.

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Sales Enquiry